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Over the next couple of years, I had the opportunity to  photograph  some friends and realized how much I loved helping people preserve who they are in images. 

am a mother of 5, corny dad joke enthusiast, lover of natural disaster movies and all the baked goods. I’m a huge crafter and years ago I wanted to take better photos of the things I created. I wanted to take it beyond what my cell phone could do, so I got a camera. From that point the addiction had taken hold. 


Your BFF Portrait Photographer

I'm samantha!

In 2021, I officially opened my business and within a year had created a studio in my home and dedicated hours to improving my photography skills. I became a Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America furthering my photographic expertise. I continue to add to my education and knowledge while serving my clients at the highest level through printed artwork of the ones they love. 

For me, printed portraits serve as a springboard for storytelling. This has played such an important role in my family and is a tradition I love sharing with my clients....wherever in their life story they may be. 
Let's connect so we can get your story on your walls!

My family is a huge part of my life.  All 5 of my kids have different interests and I love to support them in those adventures.  I love cheering for them whether it's at a soccer game or a symphony concert. 
When we are at home, we spend a lot of time together playing games. The funnier the better. I'm a huge fan of silly games like Exploding Kittens.  Go look it's hilarious. 


My Favorite Things

Yes, I am an admitted diet coke lover. You can usually find one at my desk when i'm working. You'll also see an earbud in with an audio book going. 

diet coke & audio books

Funny story...sewing clothes for my family is one thing that got me into photography. I have several sewing machines and love making a great hoodie or cardigan. Like this AMAZING 90s band hoodie. Yes, I love the 90s is a playlist on my Spotify!


I know, I sounds like an old timey past time. I love it though. I can watch a show and still get stuff done. It gives me an easy creative outlet I can do almost anywhere. Plus, it results in something custom and beautiful I can use in my newborn, win!


Sam went more than the extra mile to make everything work for our family, she took the time to get to know us, and she made the shoot fun and personal to us. We now have gorgeous artwork and so many memories spread throughout our house.

Family and Senior 


Samantha was great to work with! My wife and I did maternity, newborn, and professional headshots with her. We enjoyed the entire experience and she listened to what we wanted.


The Cabreras

Not only were my pictures amazing but I also had so much fun getting my pictures taken! She knew how to bring out my smile. I was super happy looking at the results after each shoot! I’d rate her a 15 out of 10!! 




When you book a portrait session with me, you’ll receive a personalized experience along with beautiful , professionally printed, heirloom quality products.

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