Find Stunning Prom Dresses in Pueblo CO

high school senior girl in a red flowy prom dress in Pueblo CO

High school seniors are one of my favorite genres to photograph. There are so many memory making events that happen your senior year of high school. One of them is the magical night of Prom.  As you start you search for  prom dresses in Pueblo, CO let me point you in the direction of a couple local places to check out.

Prom Dresses in Pueblo, CO

high school senior girl in a blue floral prom dresses in Pueblo CO

Danelle’s Bridal Outlet & Tuxedo Junction

Check out this local boutique with a wonderful selection of prom dresses or any special occasion dress. With decades of experience between their staff, your stylist will stick with you to ensure you have a joyful, seamless experience. In their shop you’ll find unique dresses from dozens of top designers that are fun, flirty, glamorous, elegant, and everything in between.  They believe it’s totally possible to find an amazing prom gown without breaking the bank and that’s their goal for their clients. An amazing experience and beautiful dress at a reasonable price. And while you’re there….does your date need a tuxedo?  They have those too and in all different colors so you can match for all your cute pictures together.

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LynDen Rose Bridal

With a wide variety of styles and sizes, LynDen Rose Bridal should be another stop on your prom dress hunt. Having been in business since 1985 – they have the knowledge and outstanding reputation you’re looking for as you search for the perfect prom dress. To add to the fun and custom experience they have dyeable shoes so you can coordinate perfectly with your chosen dress color. They even have a professional seamstresses to make sure your gown fits perfectly. If you’re thinking you might want a special order dress, you’ll need to allow for 12-14 weeks for delivery. They are currently available by appointment only so make sure to give them a call to set your dream shopping experience set up.


Here me out on this. At any other time of the year, Dillard’s selection on dresses can be seriously lacking but if you go when prom season starts….well it’s pretty awesome. That’s where we found my daughter’s dress and the selection was great. They had so many colors and so many styles to choose from. The size selection was impressive and we had the best time chatting and getting help from one of the employees. If in person doesn’t sound like fun just yet, you can check out their selection online to get your creative ideas flowing. This will give you a chance to see the different styles and colors from the comfort of your own home before you head out on your search.

Stunning Prom Dresses in Pueblo, CO

Prom is an iconic moment of the high school experience. Going on the hunt for prom dresses in Pueblo, CO a really fun part of that experience. Another great part of senior year is booking a photography session. We can capture all that you’ve accomplished and the person you’ve become as you head out into adulthood. Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation!

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