Find a Great Lactation Consultant in Pueblo, Co

close up of a sleeping newborn baby in a brown wrap with a brown sleepy cap holding a tiny teddy bear

Amidst the beautiful chaos of brining a newborn home, one of the most significant parts of early motherhood is a successful breastfeeding journey. While breastfeeding is a natural process, it can often come with challenges and uncertainties.  I know with my five kids it was something I was excited to do but didn’t come as intuitively as I’d hoped. This is where finding a lactation consultant in Pueblo, CO, can play a vital role in providing essential guidance and support so you can be successful.

Great Lactation Consultant in Pueblo, CO

Parkview Medical Center

The Parkview Breastfeeding Center is where you will find knowledgeable advice to help make the most of this exciting time. Their lactation consultants are just a phone call away. They offer outpatient consultations as well as a breastfeeding advice line. If you delivered your baby at Parkview then the lactations consultants should automatically be following up with you. If that’s not the case, or they haven’t followed up, reach out. The best way to get the ongoing support and help you need to to ask for it.

Shine Lactation

Another local option in the Pueblo area is Shine Lactation. They want to empower women with knowledge and skills to have a successful breastfeeding journey. They are Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants and offer local private classes during pregnancy or postpartum to help you navigate motherhood. To top it off the visits may be covered by your insurance. They have a link on their website you can follow to find out if  the consultations are covered.

Pueblo Breastfeeding Coalition

The Pueblo Breastfeeding Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting breastfeeding in the Pueblo community. On their FB page, you can find information about various get togethers and resources in the area to help you on your breastfeeding journey. It can also be nice to follow for the cute memes and helpful tips related to motherhood. It’s a great place to find a group of supportive moms where you can get help and help others.

Great Lactation Consultant in Pueblo, CO

Where ever you are at on your breastfeeding journey, support is never a bad thing. I know there were times with my youngest that I thought “this shouldn’t be this hard” or “I’ve done this before, I should know what I’m doing”. If you’ve thought that or similar, I promise, you’re not alone. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, the adventure is never quite the same. Reach out and find a lactation consultants in Pueblo, CO. They are a valuable resource. Their expertise, personalized care, troubleshooting skills, and ongoing support make a significant difference in helping you have a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding experience.

close up of a sleeping newborn baby in a brown wrap with a brown sleepy cap holding a tiny teddy bear

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