Find the Best Summer Camps in Pueblo CO

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Summer camp is adventure filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories. It’s a magical escape from routine where friendships blossom, and imaginations run wild. And it can be so much more than camping in nature. There are some great daytime camp options in the area. Let’s take a look at some of the best summer camps in Pueblo, CO.

Best Summer Camps in Pueblo CO

Pueblo Zoo Camp

Does your kiddo love nature? Are they obsessed with learning about animals? Expand their knowledge by signing them up for the Pueblo Zoo Camp. The camp offers an immersive experience where children can dive into the fascinating world of animals and ecosystems. Under the guidance of experienced educators and zookeepers, campers engage in hands-on activities. The camp offers sessions for 1st to 3rd graders and 4th to 6th graders. Each program is thoughtfully designed to provide age-appropriate activities, lessons, and challenges that inspire a sense of wonder and discovery. Let your kids have a blast getting up close and personal with some of their favorite animals while learning how important it is to care for the environment they live in.

YMCA Camp Jackson

This is a true outdoor camp adventure. The YMCA Camp Jackson calls to young adventurers with promises of outdoor exploration, new friendships, and personal growth. There is a diverse range of programs to cater to the unique interests and age groups of campers. From traditional overnight camps to specialized adventure programs, there is something for everyone.  Campers have the opportunity to explore the wilderness, hike scenic trails, paddle down pristine rivers, and conquer the challenges of high ropes courses. They even have a camp focused on horses! From ages 7 to 17, you’re sure to find something to spark your kids’ interest.

Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center

Is your kid in love with birds of prey, or maybe is a budding fisher? The Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center offers a few camps for grades 1st -10th that may be right up their alley. You can spend a week learning about and how to handle beautiful birds of prey. Campers also get to learn what it takes to care for and rehabilitate these creatures.

If flight isn’t their thing, then maybe the water is where they’d like to be. The Fish Tales Day Camp is the perfect fit to learn the basics of fishing. Knot tying, fish identification, and what to pack in your tackle box are just a few things they’ll cover. Join this camp for “lures” of fun and get a tour of the state’s fish hatchery.

If your kids are in the 4th to 9th-grade range, they could have a howling good time at the overnight camps offered focused on wolves. They’ll earn how a wolf sanctuary functions, participate in meal preparation for the wolves, and learn about the important role that wolves play in their ecosystems. Then they get to camp out under the stars as the wolves sing us to sleep in the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range.

young brown haired boy with glasses sitting in tall brown grass at City Park in Pueblo CO

CSU-P Pack Camps

Is your kid a budding athlete? Then consider a summer sports camp at Colorado State University-Pueblo. Camps range from one-day skills camps to overnight intensive camps in a variety of different sports. Their coaches provide an excellent opportunity for each camper to develop their athletic skills. In addition to fundamental instruction, campers will be exposed to sport-specific strategies and will have the chance to improve their specific area. From baseball to football and swimming to track, CSU-Pueblo has lots of options for your athlete to enhance their skill and have fun.

History Summer Camp

Maybe learning the lessons of history is their thing? Each week throughout the summer is a different theme. One week campers can explore planets, engage in hands-on science activities, compare different archaeological discoveries, investigate artifacts, and conduct their own mini-excavations. In another, they can travel through the decades discovering things like the birthplace of jazz and swing dancing. They will step into each decade with hands-on experiences through music, film, dance, and food. With so many themes to choose from, you’ll have to check them all out yourself and find the perfect fit for your young explorer.

Summer Camps in Pueblo CO

Summer break should be fun. Kids get a break from the everyday routine of school. But that doesn’t mean they have to sit around, bored! Or sit around on electronics all day. These summer Camps in Pueblo CO are great options for any kid that needs a little extra something to do this summer. Make sure to check them out soon. These awesome camps fill up fast!

Before you know it, summer camps will be done and over. Are you trying to come up with another way to make these moments in life last? Why not book some family photos? It’s my job to make sure the session is fun and that you have tangible beautiful prints to look back on and enjoy.  If booking a session for your family has crossed your mind lately, then I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more!

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