Where to Find the Best Dance Classes in Pueblo CO

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Are your kids active and always running around? I see a lot of active energetic kids at my family sessions. I usually end up talking to Mom or Dad about how fun and also how draining it can be to have kiddos with so much energy. Maybe you’ve tried sports and it doesn’t interest them. In that case, I would ask, have you tried any dance classes?

Dance classes can be a great way for your kids to focus that energy and learn a beautiful art form. If you’ve thought about it but haven’t gone further, let me point out some great places to find dance classes in Pueblo CO.

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The Best Dance Classes in Pueblo CO

Sangre de Cristo School of Dance

I have met several instructors that teach at the Sangre de Cristo School of Dance. I can tell you firsthand that they are caring compassionate and incredibly talented people. The school was founded as an original part of the Arts Center in 1972. Since then they have been dedicated to the mission of offering excellent dance education to the community. From early education at the age of 3 to training for pre-professional dancers, they have it covered. They provide progressive classes in many dance forms such as ballet, hip-hop, contemporary and modern. With dedicated instructors and a focus on the technique and life lessons that dance can offer, this is a great place to start with your kid’s dance education.

Second Street Dance Company

Located in Pueblo West, the Second Street Dance Company offers classes for kids ages 3 and up. They want to empower and instruct these young dancers and give them the best possible learning experience. With a genuine commitment to the art of dance and dedication to their students the highly trained instructors encourage each dancer to strive to achieve their best in a  positive encouraging environment.  All students, except for the preschool levels, are evaluated prior to class placement to ensure they are in the best class for them despite their age. Their focus is inspiring your child in a loving environment with an emphasis on, technique application, dedication, discipline, and self-reliance. If you have multiple children interested they even offer sibling/ family discounts.

R & R Center for Performing Arts

In their fully-equipped and recently renovated studio, R & R Center for Performing Arts focuses on achieving exceptional standards of dance. They believe in nurturing creativity and developing the artist in every student they have. When you look into dance lessons for your child you’ll find a warm and positive environment to foster growth in each dancer. In addition to dance, they offer a few tumbling classes. From the tiny dancer just starting out to the experienced dancer looking to improve their technique they promise you will find the environment to thrive with them.

Haven School of Dance

Haven School of Dance is a non-profit studio offering nurturing, professional instruction at an affordable rate. For them accommodating all students regardless of skill level or physical ability is a top priority. They ensure a safe “haven” for everyone from ages 2 and up to have a positive uplifting and educating dance experience.  They offer a wide range of classes from ballet, jazz, hip hop, Irish step, tap, and tumbling, even to worship dance. Guided by a passionate board of directors, you will surely find a warm and inviting environment for your little (or big) ones to grow in their dance education.

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Dance Classes in Pueblo CO

Now that you have a few suggestions on places to find the best dance classes in Pueblo CO, take some action and go check out these studios. As a mom of 5, I promise you won’t regret taking the time to help your kids experiment and find the activities they love and are passionate about.

As your little dancer improves their skill or your older dancer just keeps getting better you might think “dang they are growing up fast”. Don’t let this time slip away without capturing who they are in a beautiful photograph. If you’re interested in finding out more about the children and family sessions I offer, please reach out.

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